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Dil Bechara Movie Review by Filmywap:

I do not know why Bollywood is seen as so underrated and immature when they try to remake Hollywood’s films. Apart from all other Indian remakes, this one does justice to the original “Fault in our stars” and for me, it is better than the original one.

I am not saying it is the best movie, but it does deserve to be called one of the best movies I have watched so far. It will always be close to my heart because I have learned something from it, something important and positive for my life.

Sir Sushant Singh Rajput has done justice with his character, he leaves us awestruck with his charming smile. Sanjana has also done a commendable job. Her voice of narration is just love for me and her innocence is just so soothing. Her acting skills are appreciable. I never felt like as it is her first movie. I would love to see her more. I have had a sweet smile during the whole movie. What else I could have wanted from SSR.

This Movie does not need star ratings, Ratings Sai Bade Hai Tribute. It is a must Watch, one last time its Only Emotion, watch it for this wonderful Star who will always be alive in our hearts. An Heart touching film, The film starts off featuring a quote by Sushant Singh Rajput , you anticipate Sushant’s Entry and desperately wait for him to appear on screen, it feels like he is come back alive, your heart feels cherished and at the same time feels the pain.

The film is heartwarming and is a story of living life to the fullest. Sanjana Sanghvi as the debutant has done a great job , Sushant’s Character is lovely and he has done utmost justice, he makes u laugh, he makes you cry, he makes you feel the emotion in every frame.

The chemistry between the lead pair has worked beautifully, Sushant as Manny and Sanjana as Kizzy have been amazing they take you in their world seamlessly and you feel the journey of life with them. Music is soothing specially the song may tuatara towards the end.

This movie is heartfelt in the way it portrays the innocence of love. It proves to us the way we lead our lives to the fullest is very much important rather than worrying about the flaws that we face in our lives. I personally felt more like watching the real kinds of stuff happening on the screen as the acting was also so real and amazing to witness in every scene.

Manny loved Kinzie Base from and within when he was so concerned about her that he expressed his deep emotions to her dad in fulfilling her dream of meeting the musician in Paris, FR. It is a dream for every girl to get a guy like Manny who is carefree.

They go to Paris and create little and beautiful memories. It is wonderful to see the happy things stay with others about a person though that person is not alive. That is what life is meant to be. Though this movie is short, it did not fail to convey to us the real emotions.

The emotions of love, the emotions to lead a happy life. We are not responsible for our death, but we are responsible for how we live. Let us cherish every moment like the story has taught us. Let us show care and affection to every person we meet like the value has been depicted in the plot.

Keeping the controversial death aside if I straightaway jumped on the movie itself, it is pretty touching on its own merit. Ok, no doubt that we have all seen movies like this where a dying hero saves or makes other’s life, e.g. Anand, Kale ho naan ho, etc. The story of this film also follows almost the same path.

However, if you can keep it simple it gives a good vibe, & as we always secretly crave for a larger life than a longer one, hence this becomes touching, tear jerking, successful film.

By saying all these I’ve no intention to take away any good things from this movie. Literally the onscreen couple Sushant & Sanjana lights up the screen, with that necessary support from Swastika & Sweata.

Though there are some hiccups like that easy access to a girl’s room & some this & that, may raise your eyebrow a bit, but ignorable. Also, I would like to add apart from some minor faults this is genuinely a very good Indianized adaptation.

This movie should also be celebrated as the signing off work of a great person we lost quite early on. The love and conviction with which Sushant lived and did things, should permeate down to even our most banal activities.

That would be our way of respecting him, and of course, the visuals and songs in the film are great too. So is Sanjana, whose freshness helps lend an amount of feel-good credibility to the script, many of us already knew.

The Family Man (Indian TV series) Review by Filmywap:
The series seems like an ordinary tv series, but it is amazing. The cast is what I like the most. The direction is also good. Besides, Amazon did some experiments too in the series. The 5 min single shot was mesmerizing.

It was the third time I saw such a long single shot scene. And it was breathtaking. Glad the Indian are also doing something out of box things. There are some best acting you will find. Priya Mani is superb and Manoj was on the whole other level. His dialogue delivery and timing are just perfect.

Even though I am just sick of the mundane plot twists in any generic spy show which involves terrorists and ISIS I must fairly admit this one had my heart pumping akin to an engine and at the edge of the seat. Nothing much uncovers in the first 2 episodes (except the unconventional take on the humor part which is hilarious) and the third and the fourth episode immediately voyages into thrill and increased tension.

The show relieves the tension generated due to thrill and awe by showcasing Sri’s family and depicting their lighthearted character and humor. RI is not your typical hero who fights with the enemy and take on them, he is just like us but gifted with the art of great intuition and problem solving.

One thing that may pardonably annoy someone is Sri’s constant habit of smoking and drinking(I find it really cliché and seems to be a very passive character trait picked up from the international shows that target the same demographic)The story is well structured with great narrative and emotions to both sides of the light(the good and bad).Many may not agree with the way it ends even though some people have a good taste for such an ending.

As for acting people (especially Manoj and Moussa have done an excellent job). The show is a fantastic one and I had a great time watching it. Even though story seems a little cliched the execution part is spot on and portrays not only a spy but also depth and vision of the other characters. So next Sunday shut out the curtains get some cola and popcorn and fall in love with your savior Manoj Bajpayee.

A terrific experience. Must watch for everyone, honestly to all the ppl picking out minor flaws in their elaborate reviews and discarding such an entertaining series, u have some serious issues. Talking about the acting manor as usual is mind blowing. The kids are great. each character has a lasting impression or some impact in the story. Only gul’s character is a bit over the top. Priya Mani was good too.

Amazon original series is about a middle-class man who juggles up his responsibility as spy and family man. This secretive special cell has a task at hand to find out what the terrorists are planning and stop it before it takes lives of millions.

Manoj Bajpai in lead is a treat to watch on screen and the way he carries off the character is brilliant to say the least. Priya Mani as his wife as career-oriented woman is equally good and gives a strong support in this thriller. Neeraj Madhav has got a perfect launchpad in Hindi series but I felt he could have added more depth to his portrayal of character. The other characters even in the smallest of role are great which makes this series a mind-boggling one.

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