Using Javascript, I would like to know how to sort lexicographically a array of objects based on a string value in each object.


    "name" : "bob",
    "count" : true
    "birthday" : 1972
    "name" : "jill",
    "count" : false
    "birthday" : 1922
    "name" : "Gerald",
    "count" : true
    "birthday" : 1920

How can I sort the array alphabetically by name? The name values are usernames, so I would like to maintain the letter casing.


var obj = [...];

obj.sort(function(a,b){return; });

Be aware that this will not take capitalisation into account (so it will order all names beginning with capitals before all those beginning with smalls, i.e. "Z" < "a"), so you might find it relevant to add a toUpperCase() in there.

You can make it more generic as well:

function sortFactory(prop) {
   return function(a,b){ return a[prop].localeCompare(b[prop]); };

obj.sort(sortFactory('name')); // sort by name property
obj.sort(sortFactory('surname')); // sort by surname property

And even more generic if you pass the comparator to the factory…