Work It On Movie Review - Netflix

Work It On Movie Review - Netflix

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To be honest it was not really engaging. The plot and screenplay could have been better. I do not understand why the title of the movie is in Dog's name. Varalakshmi’s performance could be improved. The background score was not the great, too predictable, and easily guessable story line. A typical story line featuring late teen-age boy as a villain. One time watchable. It must be good script, story and so many things. Guess the lock down collapsed it.

The team should have waited some more time to complete the film. Now after watching it, feels like beggar's plate. Edited whatever scenes available. Avasarama release panama nu painting. This was honestly the best movie I have ever watched I love Liza, Sabrina and Jordan’s role in this movie was literally life it was comical and all around relatable. The stars brought this movie to life and kill it.

Work It On Movie - Netflix Review
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Sabrina Carpenter play her role to a key and I love the way she told this story about taking a chance and shake things up and sometimes it’s okay to put yourself out there and be creative, to come out of the shell even if it’s just a little and how she danced with effortlessness and spicy just like Jordan. Then Liza Koshy and her amazing dancing and her crazy goofy wild side just being there as the best friend and the support through it all and believing in her even when she did not just so relatable.

It is very much a feel-good show, with nice dance scenes, good music, and incredible energy around friendship and love. Great for an afternoon lay back and chill show! This movie not only has famous stars such as, Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, and Jordan Fisher, but it is just amazing! I watched the whole movie today and it is a good role model movie for people who want to try this and never give up. It teaches you to go for what you want to go and having a compassionate group of friends. This movie is great for tweens and teens who love dance but also want to go for something and having the confidence and believing in yourself. It is absolutely a great film and I really like it.

It was amazing, at a few moments my tears were a little out of place, the actors played their roles great, I think it's the best musical romantic movie I’ve ever seen on Netflix, and of course I’m still up to the dance, but when I get back to this movie, I really liked it and I can recommend it to anyone who doesn't like these movies, I hope that there's going to be another episode in vain that it's going to be a good episode. 

'Work it' is a movie about a girl who is done everything right in her teenage to get into a good college but in the end remains short due to lack of extracurricular activities. How is she going to overcome the hurdle?? That is what the movie is about. The story is not anything new. We have seen the exact same story line in many movies before, so I would say that the movie was predictable (underdog trying to win it big! Who is never seen that before?). That said, the movie is so entertaining that I did not care about the story that much. It is entertaining from the first minute and carries on till the end in the same attitude. Acting by the main stars (Sabrina, Jordan, and Liza) is believable and grounded. 

This film is a great choice for young adults. Liza Koshy's comedic timing and the chemistry between Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher give an authentic feel-good vibe that leaves the viewer reeling with excitement and the urge to dance. The lack of stunt doubles also makes the talent of this cast shine and makes the film more appealing! The soundtrack is incredible, dancing was stunning, and was partly filmed in Toronto! Worth the watch!!

It was cute but I have seen 1000 movies like it! Nerd girl wants to dance but is horrible, so she meets a handsome boy who helps her! She magically learns to be an amazing dancer in a few months, and everyone lives happily ever after! Starts her own crew just like step up 2! 

Cute yet I have seen this movie so many times before just different actors!

Work It is available on Netflix.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5 (Excellent)

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