Shivaji Surathkal Movie Review - ZEE5

Shivaji Surathkal Movie Review - ZEE5

Shivaji Surathkal: The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya Full Movie Review on Filmywap Online

Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Ramesh Arvind just keeps you glued to the screen with his brilliant acting! Such a refreshing movie to watch after such a long time! The script, acting, camerawork, music, everything is complimentary to each other. The storytelling is the most important aspect in the film & it is just brilliant. Worth watching in theatres and even more worthy of having a copy as part of your favorite collection.

Shivaji Surathkal Movie Review - ZEE5
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Shivaji Surathkal Movie Loopholes:

  1. Drama guy pretending to be Police. Real police would spot him in no time. Could be argued that he is police and does drama in his spare time, but that does not make sense because the troupe did not take his help at the time of Jessica Lobo's death.
  2. Earlier in the movie it is shown that the dog Guluma is killed by Roshan, however, subsequently, when his fiancée is shown following him, no Guluma spotted.
  3. More of a communication gap: no explanation provided as to how Roshan hears someone calling his name (Roshan does not have psychiatric issues unlike Shivaji): could be explained by use of drama equipment by the troupe.
  4. How do they explain the death of the other bachelors in Ranagiri if the entire Ghost story is fake?

It is a great movie by Ramesh Arvind Sir, one of my favorite actors. It is a family movie. Strong acting, Suspenseful, story gripping throughout the movie. Intelligent people only understand the concept of the Movie. Concept of the movie is AMAZING. Quite realistic. and natural acting by the all the actors in this movie. We enjoyed a lot. All are happy. Good movie time experience. It was my honest review.

One of the most underrated movies in Indian cinema, I just watched the movie, every minute is engaging and keeps you on the edge of the seat. Climax justifies the constantly changing timelines. Kannada film Industry is silently producing gems. Due to the current pandemic maybe the reach was low, do watch this movie, I highly recommend it, it is slightly inspired by the “Hound of Baskerville” but just a small part. Exceptional performance by the actors and crew members and the Music is good as well.

With all due respect, I admire the acting of Ramesh sir, but not for this movie. 
The angry, psychic scenes were well not scripted or directed. It was not at all perfect. Felt over acted.

They would have included some more scenes to show the Shivaji's intelligence. I see, there was no effort made in building up the character of Shivaji,

Where you can see it happen on Agata Christie's Poirot, Conan Doyle's Sherlock etc.,

If there is next part coming, I watch but expecting these improvements.

Awesome fantastic thriller, it is a must watch movie. Ramesh Aravind is at his best performance. Screenplay is well written and is another highlight. Camera work is beautiful it has created the right mood for the film. The film scared me at few bits and the way the illusion is created is mind blowing. Best part is this a family entertainer we saw it with a group of 10 people, and everyone loved it 

Cheers team, we are waiting for Shivaji Surathkal movie sequel soon!

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