Seriously Single - Movie Review - Netflix

Seriously Single - Movie Review - Netflix

Seriously Single (2020) - Netflix Full Movie Review on Filmywap Online

I was ready to pack my bags for Africa while watching this, but I must work tomorrow so this is not a good time to do that. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Mughlai and Morake were so believable as friends as they bought those characters to life with incredible acting. they nailed every emotion from laughter to tears. I enjoyed the storyline; the music was so cool as it could have easily been heard on American airwaves, but it had the background sounds that let you know it was from Africa. and I thought the skyline was Atlanta. very good movie. Love the concept and theme of the movie.

Seriously Single Movie Netflix
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It centers around broken people finding some sort of wholeness in life through patterns that needs uprooting. I am happy the movie ended in a more realistic way.

As a single woman myself it is often that I meet women who are finding themselves while being single in 2020 like myself.

Had so much fun watching this, we all know that one friend in Dineo's shoes!  The relationship between Noni (Tumi) & Dineo (Fula) is what I live for! This is something SA needs to deal with our current circumstances and covid19 curfews!! Fun was had!

This movie pokes fun at South African dating landscape as exposed through social media. The incorporation of social media is a good touch. But the acting could be a lot better, albeit Yonder Thomas gives a good performance. I would certainly encourage you to watch in your spare time, it is fun.

It was awesome, I am always skeptical about local movies however this one erased everything. The ladies were on point all the time; gosh they truly were exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed it. At first, I thought the name of the movie was a bit cliché and I was not going to watch it up until a close friend recommend it. Watched the first few minutes and I was laughing hard. It was hilarious and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5 (Good)

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