Magic Camp - Adam Devine - Disney+ Hotstar Movie Review

Magic Camp - Adam Devine - Disney+ Hotstar Movie Review

Magic Camp - Disney+ Hotstar Full Movie Review on Filmywap Online

Super cute family movie to watch together during quarantine times.  I personally loved all the High School Musical/Camp Rock movies, as cheesy as they were.  Magic Camp holds up well, fun watching the kids doing actual magic tricks.  All the kid actors were great in true Disney fashion.  Overall, just a cute, fun, watchable movie to enjoy with your kids!

Magic Camp Movie Review - Disney Plus Hotstar
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Great movie for families to watch together.  it is a feel-good film with real children and not animated for a change.  The Magic is fun and realistic, and the actors do an outstanding job.  Each character comes to life.  Even if this movie seems predictable, I find that is the case with most movies.

A nice honest to goodness movie. The kids will love its 'believe in yourself' message. Lots of funny bits that kids can understand and relate to. The child actors are surprisingly wonderful. Id re watch it for the magic tricks alone!

A cute, feel-good film, like the films you would see on Disney Channel in the early 2000's. Characters' names are forgettable, but the usual Disney charm shines through and leaves you with a few tears. Is it as good as High School Musical or Camp Rock? I would say it is honestly a bit more enjoyable to me.

The movie was good edited I initially I thought some of the character progression moments where cut and as soon the movie ended it helped me  believe that it was great decision to cut some scenes so that the movie won’t looked drag and also every plot that was introduced were greatly to saw such good movie everyone in the movie did a very good jobs.

Disney Plus Magic Camp Is A 2020 Fantasy/Comedy Starring Adam Devine, Gillian Jacobs, Josie Totah, Aldis Hodge, Jeffrey Tambor, Cole Sand, Rochelle Aytes, Isabella Crovetti, Nathaniel Logan McIntyre, Isabella Alvarez, Lonnie Chavis, Desmond Chiam, Bianca Grava, Hayden Crawford, Michael Hitchcock, Krystal Joy Brown Director-Mark Waters This Is Not That Bad I Like It The Jokes Is Not Funny But Love It Actually Love It I Will Give It Four Stars This Magical Interesting Kinder Movie.

The second I finished the trailer I thought 'this is a must watch' and I was right. I loved the way the characters figured out their specialties in magic and I Especially enjoyed the humor 5(or 4.25) for me

A very good and entertaining youth type film. One of the bests to watch when your mood is not right, because it makes your mood way better. Loved the film. Very fun enjoyable viewing. Very suitable for all ages. Disney being Disney once again and produce another great movie! It was a great movie. It was comedic and heartwarming and emotional at the same time which makes it a pretty good film to watch and enjoy with your family.

Really good one to watch!! Basic magic tricks full of a cute smile which always remains while you are watching, Family movie, must lookout for part 2.

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