Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl Full Movie Review

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl Full Movie Review

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl Full Movie Review

An inspiring tale of Gunjan Saxena (nation is first 1AF pilot) perfected by strong appearances of actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Vineet Kumar, Angad Bedi, Manav Vij along with average acting of Jahnvi. Story revolves around childhood, upbringing and Gunjan’s way to IAF while surpassing the societal odds such as gender inequality and its similar scenarios are also portrayed during Saxena's IAF journey.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl Movie
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Kargil war landscape being the foundation place of the storyline brings the iconic wartime memories come to life with adequate cinematography aligned with picturization of the situations as they occurred. All in all, a good story which is worth a watch to celebrate the spirit of women empowerment and upcoming Independence Day. Don't know why people have given such low ratings, may be those who couldn't connect to it gave low ratings, but I could connect with the emotions and situations depicted and how difficult it would have been for Gunjan to serve at kargil war for almost 3 months. The war situation brought back my memories when my father too was deployed at kargil. However, I felt that the female lead could have been more influential and her serving at war should have been focused upon rather than her journey to the Airforce.

Not to forget mentioning the gender inequality shown was real back then in 90s. but kudos to the spirit of Gunjan Saxena for excelling all that and proving that women are stronger than what men think.

Just because janhvi Kapoor and Karan Johar people start giving 1 star and bad reviews about the movie but people should also consider other actors efforts and bravery of real life Gunjan Saxena. Surf eka actor movie nahi ban anta bahut logo Ki mehnat our efforts lagte hai let me clear this first that I'm not a fan of janhvi Kapoor or Karan johar but because I'm belong from  air force background it hurts me to see so much hate people showing towards the movie only because of these 2 person. I request each Indian to watch this movie at least once. Forget about reel life Gunjan Saxena and watch this movie for real life Gunjan Saxena.

A powerful movie in terms of storyline, dialogues, graphics, cinematography. We fall in love with Pankaj Tripathi and the strong, loving father figure that he portrays and his low key "doesn't give a damn to the world" attitude. Jahnvi Kapoor, who plays the role of Gunjan Saxena dreams of becoming a pilot since childhood and she becomes the country's first woman 1AF officer. A strong character indeed, but there are so many instances where she did not do justice to the role at all. Watch it for a good story, good music, and great background score.

When her contemporaries are doing 15 min roles in masala entertainers, she chooses such a challenging role at so early in her career. Her choice of movies easily reflects her passion for acting. And it is a story of our brave officer surely will goanna give this movie love and appreciation it deserves.

Sure shot winners people, firstly this review is not about to start debate of outsiders as well as insiders it's a normal review of movie so if you have problems with Karan johar and dharma productions and if you feel that they have made some arrangements to fix Jhanvi Kapoor then you can leave but genuinely it's a tight slap for all those negative people who are just spreading hatred because they don't want to accept the truth that it's your hard work and determination that will define justice to the movie so anyways from my end it's a brilliant movie it's makes you feel proud towards your mother, sister, wife and your girlfriend's that don't stop them from achieving their dreams superb performances from everyone and a genuine winner story as well as execution is just perfect.

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